Early Origins of Virtual Reality

We like to think of virtual reality as a relatively new innovation. However, VR can be traced back to entering the public domain in the UK in 1991. Although the head mounted displays were bulky and cumbersome, this was a glimpse of things to come. The video below gives an insight into the first VR video arcade set up in the UK.

Of course, things have progressed massively since then. The head mounted VR displays such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR systems have some elements in common with the early attempts at VR. That said, it is interesting to note how on both sides of the pond, VR was being touted as the next big thing

With VR progressing at such a rate, we will no doubt look back in 26 years from now and think that the current offerings were just as primitive as the ones from 1991. Who knows where the road to VR will have lead us come 2043?

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